Thanks from the R-H Line

And all the more special Nov. 24:

“Thank you to the organization and/or city officials that put the holiday lights along Fourth Street. They look really great and they make a big difference in the holiday spirit along the downtown area. Thanks for the great work.”

“Thank you Mayor Cecil Gutierrez and City Council for having a successful closing on the ACE project and site. It’s going to be very exciting to see what develops in 2012. What a great Christmas gift to the Loveland community. Thank you again.”

“My granddaughter and I would like to thank the nice couple who helped her when the baby car seat fell off the car in our parking lot and calmed her down until I got there. In a scary situation, we did not get the couple’s name to thank them. They were so kind. The baby is fine; just a good bump. So thank you very much.”

“I’m calling to wish everybody a blessed Thanksgiving. And for those that have to work for the Black Friday and Black Thursday activities and such, I’m sorry that they have to do that. I will not be shopping; however I’m grateful that they do have a job. I hope they feel the same way, too.”

“I am most thankful for our right to own property. That gift is what saved people from starvation when the collective system failed. Humans are simply more productive when we allow them to benefit from their own labor and decisions. I am thankful our country is not organized as a socialist system.”

“My husband and I deeply thank the 12 woman of a random acts of kindness group. We were the recipients of a very nice gift that we desperately needed. And we would like these 12 wonderful ladies to know how much we appreciate it. Thank you so very much and have a very happy Thanksgiving.”

“I want to publicly thank the person or persons that sent my husband and I $400 in September and $500 in October. I don’t know who you are but it helped out tremendously and I’m praying that God blesses you everyday. Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.”

“It was kind of neat to get up and see a little snow on Sabbath morning and I was going to church, I thought, this is apropos for snow to welcome Snow. Our new pastor’s name is Snow and it was really neat to welcome him into the Loveland church.”

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