Thank You From the R-H Line

“This is for the Loveland citizens and those who are volunteering to honor veterans by providing special services on Veteran’s Day. I’m a veteran myself. I love living in Loveland. Bless you all. Thank you. Smile and pass it on.”

“I’m calling to thank the city for sending out people to help with my tree and branch problem. I sincerely appreciate the help and kindness. Thanks again. That was great staff.”

“I just wanted to send an outstanding thank-you to the city of Loveland for help with the recent tree debris from the storm and, in particular, to our assistant city manager who actually took a hands-on part in the resolution. It’s amazing how many people were in a situation where they were unable to do it themselves, either physically or financially, or both. And this means a great deal to the citizens of Loveland. I for one wanted to express my appreciation and let everybody know that we have a wonderful city.”

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